Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm back

I quit my blog. I figured I was pretty boring and had nothing interesting to say.
Now I'm back because I realized I was blogging for all the wrong reasons. This blog is for me. It's to chronicle my life.
I feel like I've lost my identity to being a mommy. My whole life revolves around Jake. While, Jake is by far the most important element of my life right now, he's not the only part that matters. Nick, my fiance, deserves my attention and love. I deserve time to myself as well.

We've all heard the old saying: "Nine months on, nine months off." Yes, that's the dreaded baby weight. Now, I had quite a bit of extra padding before the baby weight, but I'll concentrate on the baby weight for now. Jake will be nine months in three days. That's 3 days!! Sadly, unless I can lose 34 pounds in three days, I won't be back to my prepregnancy self.

My prepregnancy weight is 240lbs.
I weighed myself for the first time in months this morning. The damage: 274

My first goal: I need to lose 34 pounds.
Timeframe: A healthy weightloss is two pounds per week. That's 17 weeks to lose 34 pounds. However, Jake's 1st birthday is in 15 weeks.
My goal is to lose 34 pounds by June 30th 2010.

How am I going to achieve my goal?
I bit the bullet and joined a gym yesterday. More about that later.

So today, I made the first step.

Will I stumble? Probably.
Is this important? Definitely.
Can I do it? Yes. I have to. I have to be healthy.

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