Sunday, March 28, 2010

All about teeth

I hate teething. Hate. My poor baby is miserable, all because of these teeth that are trying hard to poke through. Not to mention, when he's teething, he's biting. Considering Jake already has two bottom teeth and two top teeth poking through, biting my nipples off HURTS! A lot!

Now, thanks to google, I found this website which had the following chart:

Jake already has his bottom incisors. He got those at 5 months while we were in Germany. His bottom lateral incisors are there, but not quite ready to pierce.

Now for the top teeth. The wonderful teeth that have made my last week of bedtimes hell. His right central incisor poked through at the end of last week. His right lateral incisor poked through at the beginning of this week. He left central and lateral are trying to poke through now! That's right, two teeth. No wonder he's miserable.

During the day, it's not quite as bad. He chews on anything and everything. A favorite are green apple chuncks. His teethers are in the fridge cooling off. Now, night time is a whole different story. The ante is upped. Last night, it took 3 hours, infant advil, orajel, cuddles and extra nursing before Jake finally fell asleep at 10pm.

Lets all hope this ends soon. Or mommy is going to have to buy a lot of wine.

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