Monday, January 18, 2010

What I didn't know about sleep.

1. I was ready to be up at all hours with a newborn, I never looked past the newborn stage.
2. How many ways there are to sleep train.
3. That listening to your child cry himself to sleep is heartwrenching.
4. That nap sleeping is completely different than night sleeping.
5. How much I would love co-sleeping on occasion.

My plans for this week were to nap train. Jacob will absolutely not nap in his crib, yet he needs his naps or else he's mister cranky pants. As much as I love rocking him to sleep, I need his naps to get things done around the house. As much as I love laying him down in our bed, it's just not going to be safe soon.

Well, after one day of nap training, the score is:

Oh, and a lot of tears.
The sleep training books say to let him cry for an hour, then if he doesn't sleep, naptime is over. Well, I didn't make it to an hour. But they don't mention the fact that as soon as you pick them up, he falls asleep with his sweet little head on your shoulder.

I think I'm done nap training for now. We just aren't ready. We shall reevaluate in two weeks or more.

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