Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy half-birthday Jacob

Two weeks late. Better late than never. Right?

I've been doing monthly pictures with stickers from but of course I lost the 6 month sticker. I know I brought it to Germany. I distinctly remember putting it somewhere safe so I wouldn't lose it or bend it. Well, on December 30th, I could NOT find the sticker anywhere. I finally gave up figuring I would find it when I got home. On the downside, I didn't find it, but I did remember where I packed it. I packed it in the enveloppe with pictures, of course after framing and wrapping the pictures, I threw the enveloppe in the recycling. Grr. At least I'm not looking for it anymore.

Which brings me to my artistic abilities. They are NON EXISTANT. Plus, I don't have markers, crayons or color ink in my printer. So I made one with a black sharpie. It's not pretty, but I figure in 20 years, we'll laugh about it.

Here's an extra of Jake standing holding on to the couch! He even let go for a couple seconds.

What you are doing at 6 months:
You love to sit up by yourself to play with your toys.
We have just started cereal. You don't seem to sure about it yet.
But you love your mum-mums!
You love when mommy sings to you. (No one else likes it!)
You roll back to belly all the time.

I can't believe my little baby is already 6 months old! Happy Half-Birthday Jacob. Love Mamma and Dadda

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