Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We had to re-sleep train

After a whirlwind week-end of Jake's baptism (pictures to come tomorrow!), we had to resleep train tonight.

We had company, we co-slept, and I did everything to make him happy the night before his baptism and I was too tired the night after to care. So much for consistency.

At least we didn't start from zero, it took 20 minutes for Jake to fall asleep in his crib tonight. Hopefully, he'll stay there without a fight, or else it'll be a long night. The past few nights, he's been up before midnight in hysterics and only settles down when he's in bed with me. Nothing like a new habit to break.

Naps are still hell. A great morning nap, no afternoon nap. I fear we'll never get this down before daycare starts.

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