Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jake's 1st movie

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Today, I was feeling a little restless. I remembered it was Wednesday. Why is that important? Because on Wednesday's, the local movie theatre has baby and mommy movies at 1:30. Then, I got excited. I was going to the movies with Jake!

I checked the movie, and it was Alice in Wonderland, I wasn't keen on that. But I did want to see How to Train your dragon. Hmmm..a nine month old at a regular movie? I considered the facts: 1-It's a kids movie. 2-It's Wednesday afternoon at 1:30pm, the kids should be in school. 3- How many people go see a movie on Wednesday afternoon?

Overall, Jake was really good. There were only 5 other people there, a mother with her daughter, a teenage girl and a couple with a young baby. I brought my boppy, sat in a discreet corner and nursed him alot. He did get a little loud, but mostly with babbling and a little screaming (not fussing though, hahaha-screaming). We did end up going to the floor and playing/standing on the steps for a little bit. After about an hour, he fell asleep and just slept on my shoulder for the rest of it.

I had a good time. I thought the movie was very cute! And I really enjoyed it. It was a perfect movie to bring Jake too. If I were to do it again, I would stick to the mommy and baby movies, I read that the sound isn't as loud and there is more light, I think Jake would enjoy it more.

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